CF-080LSX2 Upgrade Program

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CF-080LSX2 Upgrade Program

An upgraded unit is electrically the same as the original production model.

The big changes from the previous model include introduction of state-of-the-art DC-DC converters in the critical power supplies in the input and volume control stages. Unlike linear converters, this Japanese-made DC-DC converter provides complete electric isolation between what’s before and after it. This makes the preamplifier immune to AC-related noise and lowers the overall noise floor. In addition, resistors in the input and volume control stages were replaced with expensive ‘chip’ resistors; the ground level was revised; and the layout of the high-voltage power supply circuit was revised. All these changes made this already world-class preamplifier even better. The noise floor has been lowered significantly, and as a result, the background is blacker and the listener can hear finer, micro-level details that had been masked before. The sound is more open, more immediate and purer. The response to micro- and macro-dynamic changes improved
as well.

Here's your cost to upgrade the LS or LSX to LSX 2 (includes return shipping from Japan):

1. From LS to LSX2 = US$5,500 (almost everything inside will be replaced)

2. From LSX to LSX2 Option 1 = US$4,100 (the main amplifier board, two power transformers and low- and high-voltage power supply boards will replaced; gain to be selected via an internal DIP switch)

3. From LSX to LSX2 Option 2 = US$5,000 (Option 1 plus rear panel will be replaced; gain to be selected via a switch on the rear panel - you won't have to remove the rear panel to do this any more)

4. Replacement of front panel with a newly desinged logo = Additional US$400

Please note that this upgrade is much more than replaceing some parts on the existing circuit boards. Most of the circuit boards plus both of the two power transformers will be replaced, which leaves only the electronic control system for the front panel display untouched. Basically, you'll get a brand-new unit with old chassis. This path is much cheaper than buying a new LSX2.