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Thank you very much for using our products.

In lieu of our recent expansion of our business outside of the United States, we are reinstituting our service policy as follows, so to provide better support to our distribution partners and customers on a global basis:

1. Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years from date of sales. Covers labor and parts, as well as 2 way shipment between dealers/distributors to the manufacturer. The determination of whether a repair is covered under warranty rests with the manufacturer.

2. Distributors and dealers are assumed to make sales only within their designated physical territory. If sales are made outside of their own territory, the products will not be covered under manufacturer's warranty.

3. When an end user is moving with our product to another country, Silicon Arts Design & Concert Fidelity will perform necessary modifications to the product to satisfy the new local AC power requirements at cost. Such modification will be handled through a dealer or a distributor the end user purchased the equipment from, and not directly with the end user. Service and warranty will continue to be provided through the dealer or the distributor as well.

4. Used equipment is not covered under manufacturer's warranty. Unless the purchaser of such used equipment registers with us, we will not be able to perform service to the equipment. Please E-mail us the following for user's registration.

[User Registration]

In order so that we can provide better service for your product(s), please take a moment to register with us.
Although the actual servicing will be performed through your reseller (unless your purchase is from another end user), we would like to provide you with news and updates on our products and activities.

1. Your Equipment: (Model / Serial Number)

2. Purchase Method
a. Purchased new from authorized reseller / Reseller Name:
b. Purchased used from authorized reseller / Reseller Name:
c. Purchased used from othere reseller / Reseller Name:
d. Purchased used from another end user.
e. Others.

3. Purchase Date: dd / mm / yyyy.

4. Your Location: Country / City.

5. Your Requirements
a. Product Registration.
b. Product Servicing: (Please briefly describe nature of servicing required)
c. Others: (Please briefly describe nature of servicing required)

6. Your Name:

7. Your Contact Information (Please provide at least one)
a. E-mail Address:
b. Telephone Number:

8. Preferred method of contact (Please select at least one)
a. E-mail.
b. Telephone Call (Telephone=Any time / Date preference?)

LinkIconPlease contact us: support(at)

We understand that there may be cases that may require additional consideration on case-by-case basis, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and inquiries.